The Affordable Care Act robbed Americans of the freedom of individual choice. Healthcare costs rise unchecked, taking advantage of the opacity of our current reimbursement and insurance systems promoted by the ACA. Even the repeal of the individual mandate will not be enough to reverse this damage. The quality of our healthcare decreases while the cost of care rises. Complex rules and regulations stifle healthcare innovation. Fraud robs us of billions of dollars each year.

The cure for our healthcare systems is competition and transparency. Congress must cut red-tape to decrease costs and improve quality so that patients can make informed decisions and take charge of their health again.


Border Security

We are a nation of immigrants, but we are also a nation of laws. We welcome legal immigrants with open arms, but our generous policy has been abused. Past Presidents and agencies have repeatedly ignored our immigration laws. Some cities have decided they will just ignore the law altogether as well. Transnational criminal organizations, including terrorists and drug cartels, exploit our weaknesses. Slave traders have capitalized on our lack of will and the refusal of some to enforce our laws. These policies of inaction threaten public safety and health. Our borders are our nation’s first line of defense. They must be secured. We must enforce our laws, reform our immigration policies, build a border wall, and put an end to sanctuary cities.



Congress must stop spending money the nation does not have. We must stop being a nation of debtors. We must make sound decisions that will allow us to fulfill promises made to our citizens and save Social Security and Medicare. We don’t need to pay for parks in Russia, a clown school in Argentina, or cashiers for Walmart in Mexico! Fraud, abuse, and waste must be slashed. Congress must find the will to end wasteful programs. We should never be afraid to close an agency if it is no longer serving the public good.

Critical infrastructure, border security, and national defense must be high priorities. Through proper budgeting our nation will be safer, whether from external aggressors, transnational criminal organizations, or natural disasters.

The budget can and should be balanced without increasing taxes. The steps we have taken to reform our tax code are a beginning, but we must continue to work towards a better tax solution. But let us not forget, first and foremost, Congress must treat its spending addiction before it is too late for our country.



Congress must provide Texas the tools to address the infrastructure failures that led to the devastation that impacted so much of our community. Congress must work to provide the funds and programs necessary to ensure Texas recovers. Congress must support Texas, not hinder through stifling rules and regulations. Texas will work best when Texas, not the federal government, acts to help its citizens rebuild. Aid to citizens and businesses affected by the flood should be made available more swiftly. Federal interference should be limited, and red tape must be minimized. Texas' entire infrastructure must be evaluated and upgraded to provide Texas the tools it requires to continue to drive our nation's economy.


Veterans Affairs

Veterans deserve a health system that meets their needs and keeps the promises we made to them long ago. Veterans should have the freedom to choose not only where they are treated, but the doctors who care for them. The VA facilities should be repurposed to treat combat specific injuries that are beyond the scope of community hospitals. This reorganization will complement the comprehensive healthcare reforms I advocate.




Drugs, whether legally prescribed and misused, or illegally obtained, threaten our nation. Congress must work to coordinate the federal and state response but must be careful to protect the autonomy of the states to manage their affairs. By securing our borders and confronting the trafficking of illegal drugs Congress will lead the charge to address this epidemic. Re-educating physicians and patients will be central to the effort, but we must also support innovative new therapies to treat pain and addiction. Treatment for addiction will complement efforts to prevent addiction, leading to a healthier and safer nation.