Border Security 

We are a nation of immigrants. We welcome legal immigrants with open arms, but our generous immigration policy has been abused. Our borders are porous, allowing illegal aliens and threats to our nation to enter our country far too easily. We must secure our borders. We must enforce our laws. The men and women who protect our borders must be given the support they need to protect us.

Immigration policy is not just about stopping the flow of illegal aliens into America. Criminals cross our border easily. Terrorists may take advantage of our lax security to mount attacks on our homeland. Drugs flow freely into America, fueling our ongoing drug crisis. Illegal aliens bring with them undiagnosed diseases, some of which pose a severe health hazard to all who come into contact with them.  Some criminal elements even engage in human-trafficking, making immigrants into modern-day slaves to be sold into bondage here in the United States.

Past Presidents and Federal agencies have repeatedly ignored our immigration laws, hoping to win public favor by claiming to help the less fortunate. This inaction has emboldened those that would take advantage of our generous nature. Now some cities have decided they will just ignore the law altogether as well.

But let us be absolutely clear - no one whose actions enable slavery or terrorism can justify their actions behind a veil of compassion.

This failure of enforcement must end. We cannot allow drugs, criminals, terrorists, and slave traders to capitalize on our lax security. Our breakdown of border security is a critical national security matter. Our borders are a vital part of our national defense. We must enforce our laws, build a border wall, put an end to sanctuary cities, and stamp out human trafficking.